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throw yourself at/on/into/down etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthrow yourself at/on/into/down etcthrow yourself at/on/into/down etcJUMPto move or jump somewhere suddenly and with a lot of force He threw himself down onto the bed. She committed suicide by throwing herself out of a tenth-floor window. throw
Examples from the Corpus
throw yourself at/on/into/down etcGrief-stricken, he threw himself on her.You put him in a situation where women are throwing themselves at him.At this stage, the urge to do something was unfocused, but it was extraordinary how people threw themselves into it.I threw myself down on the bed and sobbed bitterly.They threw themselves down on the street or took shelter behind cars and in doorways.I threw myself into organising the funeral, picking out the music I wanted played.He kicked it in, threw himself on the floor and rolled under the bed.Like Billy McFadzean who in 1916 threw himself on two bombs to save his comrades in the trenches of the Somme.
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