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throw yourself at somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthrow yourself at somebodythrow yourself at somebodyinformalATTRACT to try very hard to attract someone’s attention because you want to have a sexual relationship with them throw
Examples from the Corpus
throw yourself at somebodyAlyson throws herself at all angles on the big couch.Could you believe how Diana threw herself at Eric?By holding back, pretending concern, he'd made her practically throw herself at him.You put him in a situation where women are throwing themselves at him.She had no urge whatever to throw herself at Mitch.She's throwing herself at that man, making a complete fool of herself.Ace threw herself at the speeder controls, stamping on the throttle override while wrenching the steering column forward.I throw myself at this Azadi and we wrestle like children in the mud.Moravcik sent over another delicious corner, which Stilian Petrov threw himself at to score.
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