Language: Old English
Origin: thuma


1 noun
Related topics: Human
thumb1 [countable]
1HBH the part of your hand that is shaped like a thick short finger and helps you to hold things:
a baby sucking its thumb
She held the coin carefully between finger and thumb.
2 the part of a glove that fits over your thumb

be all fingers and thumbs

British English be all thumbs American English informal to be unable to do something in which you have to make small careful movements with your fingers:
Would you do up these buttons for me? I seem to be all thumbs today.

the thumbs up/down

informal when an idea or plan is officially accepted or not accepted:
The project was finally given the thumbs up.
Her performance got the thumbs down from the critics.

be under somebody's thumb

to be so strongly influenced by someone that they control you completely:
He was still under his father's thumb.

➔ rule of thumb

at rule1 (8)

; ➔ stand/stick out like a sore thumb

at sore1 (6)

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