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thunderclapthun‧der‧clap /ˈθʌndəklæp $ -ər-/ noun [countable]  HEMa single loud noise of thunder A thunderclap exploded above us.
Examples from the Corpus
thunderclapTime comes and goes like a thunderclap and there is no getting it back.It sounds like a thunderclap being forced through a fuzz pedal.Another thunderclap exploded above, ringing their ears.And then a sound, as if she had been standing next to a huge thunderclap.Like thunderclaps, echoing over and over.The grimy blots grew closer and bigger, sudden thunderclaps made visible, and hurled the little planes from side to side.The others had spun round, and the short sticks they were holding had belched terrifying thunderclaps and flashes of bright flame.It was still light when the thunderclap of the passage of one of the Simonova's lifeboats over his head woke him.
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