Date: 1500-1600
Origin: Early French etiquet 'notice attached to something', from Old French estiquier 'to attach', from Middle Dutch steken 'to stick'


1 noun
Related topics: Trade, Law, Transport, Motor Vehicles
tick‧et1 S1 W2 [countable]

cinema/bus/train etc

TT a printed piece of paper which shows that you have paid to enter a cinema, travel on a bus, plane etc
ticket for
How much are tickets for the concert?
ticket to
I'd like to book two tickets to Berlin.
theatre/train/airline etc ticket
The plane ticket costs $170.
A return ticket (=one going to a place and back again) to London, please.
single/one-way ticket (=one going to a place but not back again)
a ticket to do something
a ticket to watch the US Open
season ticket

driving offence

TTCSCL a printed note ordering you to pay money because you have done something illegal while driving or parking your car

in shops

BBT a piece of paper fastened to something in a shop that shows its price, size etc [= tag American English]
How much does it say on the price ticket?


[usually singular] especially American English a list of the people supported by a particular political party in an election:
He ran for governor on the Republican ticket.

ticket to success/fame/stardom etc

especially American English a way of becoming successful, famous etc:
Michael thought an MBA would be a ticket to success.

be (just) the ticket

old-fashioned to be exactly what is needed

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