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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtie-inˈtie-in noun [countable]  BBTa product such as a record, book, or toy that is related to a new film, TV show etc
Examples from the Corpus
tie-inI thought that could be a tie-in with the traditions of Halloween.It is not a tie-in but a new story full of action, wit and unsavoury characters.The selling of book tie-ins in video outlets can not be far behind.I have mentioned only a few established C format titles, no reprints of television or film tie-ins, and no annuals.The inevitable tie-ins are going to be gross.The possibilities for other Oprah tie-ins that could be sold alongside cups of java are limitless.A quick mention of a television tie-in.There are some unsavoury tie-ins at work here.
From Longman Business Dictionarytie-inˈtie-in noun [countable]MARKETING1a product such as a record, book, or toy that is connected with a new film, TV show etcMany of the books in the bestseller lists are TV tie-ins.2a way of PROMOTING (=attracting people’s attention to) a new film, TV show etc by connecting it with something such as a free gift or well-known productThe movie has no marketing tie-ins with fast-food restaurants.
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