2 noun
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tie2 S3 W3 [countable]

men's clothes

a long narrow piece of cloth tied in a knot around the neck, worn by men:
I wear a shirt and tie at work.
black-tie, bow tie


PG [usually plural] a strong relationship between people, groups, or countries
close/strong ties
the importance of strong family ties
tie between/with
close ties between the two countries
economic/diplomatic/personal etc ties
Japan's strong economic ties with Taiwan
old school tie


[usually singular]DS the result of a game, competition, or election when two or more people or teams get the same number of points, votes etc [= draw British English]
The match ended in a tie.

for closing something

a piece of string, wire etc used to fasten or close something such as a bag


British EnglishDS one game, especially of football, that is part of a larger competition
tie against
England's World Cup tie against Argentina

prevent you from doing something

something that means you must stay in one place, job etc or prevents you from being free to do what you want:
If you enjoy travelling, young children can be a tie.


American English a heavy piece of wood or metal supporting a railway track [= sleeper British English]

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