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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtifftiff /tɪf/ noun [countable]  ARGUEa slight argument between friends or people who are in lovetiff with Dave’s had a tiff with his girlfriend.see thesaurus at argument
Examples from the Corpus
tiffAnd yet, for all that, it could just be a tiff.Whenever she and Bernard had a tiff, Ari would go for a long drive to think about things.He had a tiff with his wife.This wasn't just another tiff we were having.She gets into tiffs with everyone.He tried to make it seem like nothing more than some kind of lovers' tiff.It was just a silly lovers' tiff -- we couldn't even remember why it had started.A phone tiff between him and Fergie was recorded by an eavesdropper, it was reported last night.The more sceptical see Vercruysse's defection simply as a private tiff between the artist and Hoet.What worried me is that she and Rosie had that tiff and then she took off after me.had ... tiffJohanna had also had a tiff with her boyfriend.At a guess, she had had a tiff with Mr Carson.
TIFFTIFF /tɪf/ noun [uncountable](tagged image file format) a way of storing and showing images on a computer
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