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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtight-fittingˌtight-ˈfitting adjective  TIGHTfitting very closely or tightly a tight-fitting skirt
Examples from the Corpus
tight-fittingThe sleeves of both garments would be tight-fitting.She was dressed in trousers and a trenchcoat and had a mane of fair hair beneath a tight-fitting beret.Cats were mewing sadly in tight-fitting doll clothes.Her head was shrunken under a tight-fitting felt hat.tight-fitting jeansPlace the couscous in a 2-quart nonstick baking dish with a tight-fitting lid.Let cool and pack in jars with tight-fitting lids.Sarella found her eyes fastened helplessly to his muscular physique, outlined so precisely by his tight-fitting riding kit.Neither barber, in their tight-fitting tee shirts and faded bathing trunks, appeared lacking in backbone or mettle.
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