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tightly/loosely/densely packed

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtightly/loosely/densely packedtightly/loosely/densely packedPRESSpressed, arranged etc closely or not closely together houses tightly packed in rows packed
Examples from the Corpus
tightly/loosely/densely packedBut at first the cities simply increased in number, grew in population and became more densely packed.In the first minute of the plug formation the platelets retain their granules and remain loosely packed.He gave a six-minute inaugural speech from the South Portico before a tightly packed audience.He hoped that the tightly packed deuterium atoms would be set in motion, their nuclei bumping into one another and fusing.An antique Oldsmobile crawled by, its tires crackling on the sand-covered, tightly packed ground of the flat.Now, outside tightly packed row houses in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville, the streets are strewn with debris.The functions of the buildings in their tightly packed site are difficult to determine.There is a massive file cabinet stuffed with documents so old and densely packed they may be ready to ignite spontaneously.
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