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tightropetight‧rope /ˈtaɪt-rəʊp $ -roʊp/ noun [countable]  1 APa rope or wire high above the ground that someone walks along in a circus2 walk a tightrope
Examples from the Corpus
tightropeIn the old days he could've swallowed a six-pack in half an hour and then gone out and walked a tightrope.It's like walking a tightrope in size-15 wellies.But he's been doing very well at it despite having to learn terrifying new skills, like walking a tightrope.She and Edwards went first on a two-person, help-your-buddy tightrope walk 30 feet above the ground.But Blondin had made the horizontal tightrope his own.The Chancellor had a narrow tightrope to walk and he managed to please a variety of people.For Farini the Great, the tightrope was only an adventurous way station on a roller-coaster journey through life.
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