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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtime-consumingˈtime-conˌsuming ●○○ adjective  LONG TIMEtaking a long time to do a complex and time-consuming process
Examples from the Corpus
time-consumingThe reality is that a child is a time-consuming, all-engulfing creature who disrupts any semblance of pleasurable home life.All this begging for money was time-consuming and degrading so I decided to concentrate on finding work.Repairs can be time-consuming and expensive.Caring for a disabled child is a time-consuming, but ultimately rewarding, job.But it will be very time-consuming for secretarial staff if there are a great many.It is very laborious and time-consuming, involving the researcher full-time for at least a matter of months, and sometimes years.We wanted to avoid costly, time-consuming legislation.This time-consuming procedure does not result in coherent programs of study, such as those at Sinclair.Starting the time-consuming process of interviewing childminders all over again was a daunting prospect.Filling out the paperwork is a time-consuming process.Taxi permits are limited and can be time-consuming to obtain.
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