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time-sharingˈtime-ˌsharing noun [uncountable]  1 technicalTD a situation in which one computer is used by many different people at different terminals at the same time2 DLTthe practice of owning a timeshare
From Longman Business Dictionarytime-sharingˈtime-ˌsharing noun [uncountable]1COMPUTING a way for a computer to deal with more than one program at the same time, or for a telephone line to deal with more than one set of signals at the same timeConnections are rapidly switched on a time-sharing basis.2PROPERTYTRAVELwhen people buy a holiday home with other people so that they can each spend a period of time there every yearthe sale of time-sharing real estate unitstime-share adjective [only before a noun]golf courses, marinas, hotels and time-share developments
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