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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtimelytime‧ly /ˈtaɪmli/ ●○○ adjective  TIME/RIGHT OR WRONG TIMEdone or happening at exactly the right time The fight ended only with the timely arrival of the police.in a timely manner/fashion (=as quickly as is reasonable in a particular situation) We aim to settle all valid claims in a timely manner.a timely reminder (of something) British English (=one that makes you remember something important) The crash served as a timely reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving.
Examples from the Corpus
timelyA lobbying letter to Mrs Thatcher on the subject may be timely.It opens up opportunities to supply a wide variety of users with information which is timely, accurate, significant and relevant.a piece of timely adviceThe database will provide timely and accurate information on the current status of the business.The Government's intervention was timely and may have prevented economic disaster.His concern about the organization of the militia was timely, but his intended reliance on the longbow was hardly forward-looking.Be on time and timely - it's good manners.The timely provision of psychiatric care can dramatically reduce the use and costs of medical care for these patients.The fighting in the Ardennes came as a timely reminder that the West still needed the Russian army.Further, it became natural and timely to search for bodies in threatening orbits.He gets his wines to market in a timely way.in a timely manner/fashionI want those results in a timely fashion!Miller resigned abruptly after Hallinan publicly criticized her for failing to report the incident to him in a timely manner.Failure to make payments in a timely manner may lead to penalties.
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