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timesharetime‧share /ˈtaɪmʃeə $ -ʃer/ noun [countable, uncountable]  DLTa holiday home that you buy with other people so that you can each spend a period of time there every year, or when you arrange to do thistimeshare adjective timeshare flats
Examples from the Corpus
timesharePlanning Permission Application for permission to develop a timeshare facility would be considered on the same basis as any other resort development.They have a timeshare in Majorca.However, timeshare doesn't have to mean that.In 1981 the first large timeshare complex opened at Langdale, helped by a tourist board grant.Multiplying timeshare complexes are the biggest development to assault a number of National Parks.Unfortunately, Villa Maura is now a golfer's paradise and veritable warren of timeshare villas.But that won't stop the timeshare touts trying to soft-soap you into buying abroad.They can sell their timeshares, or rent them out, or even leave them to their heirs in their wills.Clients still have to pay for their vacations, which usually involve the use of unused timeshare units.
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