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tindertin‧der /ˈtɪndə $ -ər/ noun [uncountable]  DBURNdry material that burns easily and can be used for lighting fires
Examples from the Corpus
tinderAn ancient tallow candle stood fixed in its grease on one of the cross-beams, with a tinder beside it.Well don't stand like a lump of dozy puddin' - take some sticks and tinder and get started.But Cincinnati seems to have been unusually dry tinder.Logs in the grate, tinder box on the hearth.At a spark from her tinder, a sheet of flame could envelop the Genoese.They will think of what happened to you and hide tinder their beds.As news of the shooting spread, Overtown exploded like tinder in a lightning storm.This was not the first time the tinder box called Hebron has been touched by flame.
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