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tinnedtinned /tΙͺnd/ adjective [usually before noun] British English πŸ”Š πŸ”Š DFtinned food is food that is sold in small metal containers which can be kept for a long time before they are opened syn canned American English πŸ”Š tinned tomatoes
Examples from the Corpus
tinnedβ€’ Deep shelves on the opposite wall contained boxes of tinned food and crates of spirits.β€’ No one had much success with the tinned food, though, whether it was bully beef or the unnaturally sweet Spam.β€’ Almost all tinned foods contain sugar.β€’ Then he spends it all at Robinson's store on drink, tinned meat, powdered milk and so on.β€’ Home-made salt-free soup recipes instead of tinned or packet soups. 4.β€’ Eat as much fresh produce as possible rather than relying on tinned, packed and frozen foods.β€’ They have spent all their money on gewgaws and revolting tinned restaurant meals.β€’ For our lunch we had brought tinned tuna, and one of these still unopened tuna cans became a hockey puck.
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