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tinnedtinned /tɪnd/ adjective [usually before noun] British English  DFtinned food is food that is sold in small metal containers which can be kept for a long time before they are opened syn canned American English tinned tomatoes
Examples from the Corpus
tinnedDeep shelves on the opposite wall contained boxes of tinned food and crates of spirits.No one had much success with the tinned food, though, whether it was bully beef or the unnaturally sweet Spam.Almost all tinned foods contain sugar.Then he spends it all at Robinson's store on drink, tinned meat, powdered milk and so on.Home-made salt-free soup recipes instead of tinned or packet soups. 4.Eat as much fresh produce as possible rather than relying on tinned, packed and frozen foods.They have spent all their money on gewgaws and revolting tinned restaurant meals.For our lunch we had brought tinned tuna, and one of these still unopened tuna cans became a hockey puck.
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