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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtippletip‧ple /ˈtɪpəl/ noun informal   somebody’s favourite tipple
Examples from the Corpus
tippleTeka has tried the beer here, but her favourite tipple is good old water.If you inject the right amount you could feel like you had six glasses of your favourite tipple.No one would think of hoarding a year's stock for such a free tipple.In the meantime cider drinkers are hoping their lunchtime tipple doesn't become a luxury.The odd tipple won't make it a bad habit!Telling them to give up their favorite puff or tipple would only add to it.Cognac is associated with smooth sophisticates, while armagnac is considered a peasant's tipple.Giving the cold shoulder to his usual tipple, Ian Knight raises his coffee cup to Drinkwise Day.
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