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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtiradeti‧rade /taɪˈreɪd, tə- $ ˈtaɪreɪd, təˈreɪd/ noun [countable]  ANGRYa long angry speech criticizing someone or somethingtirade against He launched into a tirade against the church.tirade of a tirade of abuse
Examples from the Corpus
tiradeOn one hand, he resented his courtroom tirades, which were often personal and designed to humiliate.Hahn is known for his tirades against immigrants.Though I was in no danger of accepting his premise, the effect of his tirade was impressive.At the end of his tirade he seemed curiously tired, and emptied of invective.His tirades were reinforced, according to a contemporary, by a commanding physical presence and manner.He then embarked on a long tirade about the tactics we should adopt for a forthcoming game with an Army side.Alexander listened to my tirade and decided, instead, to be an adult and ignore the whole thing.At least answer the Brigadier's tirade against temporary officers.This revolution is already happening, although it is often overlooked in the weekly tirades against the public schools.
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