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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtiredtired /taɪəd $ taɪrd/ ●●● S1 W2 adjective  1 TIREDfeeling that you want to sleep or restso tired (that) I’m so tired I could sleep for a week.too tired to do something He was too tired to argue. He looks tired out (=very tired). ‘No, ’ Frank said in a tired voice.2 tired of (doing) something3 BORINGfamiliar and boring opp fresh tired old speechestiredness noun [uncountable]tiredly adverb dog-tired, → be sick (and tired) of something at sick1(6)GRAMMAR: Prepositions with tiredIf you are tired of doing something, you do not want to do it anymore because it has started to annoy or bore you: I’m tired of explaining it. Don’t say: I’m tired from explaining it.If you are tired from doing something, you feel tired because you have used a lot of effort: He was tired from walking all day. Don’t say: He was tired of walking all day.THESAURUStired feeling that you want to sleep or restI was really tired the next day.the tired faces of the children exhausted extremely tiredI was exhausted after the long trip home.He sat down, exhausted.She immediately fell into an exhausted sleep.worn out [not before noun] very tired because you have been working hardWith three small children to care for, she was always worn out.weary /ˈwɪəri $ ˈwɪr-/ written tired because you have been travelling, worrying, or doing something for a long timeweary travellersa weary sighHe looks tired and weary after 20 years in office. fatigued formal very tiredThey were too fatigued to continue with the climb.Because of her illness, she often became fatigued.drained [not before noun] very tired and feeling as if all your energy has goneAfterwards, he felt drained, both physically and mentally.bushed/beat [not before noun] informal very tiredI’m bushed. I think I’ll go to bed early.I’m beat. I don’t think I’ll go for a run tonight.knackered British English, pooped American English [not before noun] informal very tired. Knackered is a very informal use – do not use it in polite conversationBy the time I got home I was absolutely knackered.shattered [not before noun] British English informal extremely tiredWhen I first started teaching, I came home shattered every night.dead spoken extremely tired, so that you cannot do anything but sleepI was absolutely dead by the time I got home.almost asleepsleepy wanting to sleep very soon, so that your eyes start to closeI’m feeling quite sleepy. I think I’ll go to bed.She rubbed her sleepy eyes.drowsy starting to sleep because you are in a warm place, have drunk too much alcohol, or have taken medicineThe tablets can make you feel drowsy.She was beginning to feel a little drowsy after all the food and wine she had consumed. can’t keep your eyes open/can hardly keep your eyes open to feel so tired that you find it difficult to stay awakeI’d better get some rest – I can’t keep my eyes open.He had been driving all night, and he could hardly keep his eyes open.
Examples from the Corpus
tiredCan we stop soon? I'm getting really tired.I'm so tired!I've never seen him look so tired.But I feel terribly tired and completely lacking in self-confidence.They came back from their long walk, tired but relaxed.Overly tired drivers can be nearly as dangerous as drunk drivers.We sat down and stretched out our tired legs.Look at their tired little faces.She had tired-looking bags under her eyes.I was tired of the masquerade myself - it had gone too far without me meaning it.Let him rest if he becomes tired or frustrated.the tired parents of newbornsThe kids were really tired, so we sent them to bed.She felt sad and immensely tired that she was about to see for the first time how Eddie had died.I usually feel too tired to cook dinner after a day at the office.That night I was just too tired to go to the team party.She stayed in the chair as dusk crept over the garden below, too physically and mentally tired to move.I tried to watch the news on TV, but I was too tired to stay awake.Happily tired, we then crawled off to bed.so tired (that)By the time dinner was cleared, Julia thought that she had never felt so tired.He was so tired his bones ached; but he crawled out of bed, put on his pants and watch.And she was so tired of being afraid.I am so tired of corn-bread, which I never liked, that I eat it with tears in my eyes.She'd been so tired, so bloated and sleepy with food.I was so tired that I did not care.One night I was so tired that I fell asleep when he was still pushing in and out of me.tired oldMost of the chart is taken up by tired old album tracks, reissues, remixes - hardly value for money.With the exception of a few sad, tired old boys at the back of the hall, the audience hated trains.He sneers at the arguments against it: self-sufficiency and the tired old cultural card.Fancy taking you to that tired old love nest.A real doctor, a tired old man, came into the waiting room.For example, mildly depressed and tired old people used to be given amphetamines.So swap your tired old record collection for the hottest grooves around.But first, you will do what you can to please a tired old woman.
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