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tired of (doing) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtired of (doing) somethingtired of (doing) somethingbored with something, because it is no longer interesting, or has become annoying I’m tired of watching television; let’s go for a walk. I was getting tired of all her negative remarks. tired
Examples from the Corpus
tired of (doing) somethingThis line has won him widespread backing among middle class voters tired of 17 uninterrupted years of Tory rule.She is tired of being asked.His sister, Marie, his children-they had all grown tired of him.It was possible, of course, but not likely that Zacco had grown tired of his Christmas truce.I am old, and tired of life.We are getting tired of people behaving like prima donnas.It was April, his children were tired of riding, and his wife, Clara, was pregnant.But by then, the hedgehog was tired of waiting and was walking away across the croquet-ground.
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