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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtirelesstire‧less /ˈtaɪələs $ ˈtaɪr-/ adjective  ENERGETICworking very hard in a determined way without stopping the tireless efforts of the rescue workerssee thesaurus at energetictirelessly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
tirelessWe both employed local Arussi as trackers, some of whom were very skilful and all of whom were tireless.And Blanchard was steady as stone, tireless.But the blackguard was just as tireless.From the right, there remain the tireless attacks from Pat Buchanan.She became a tireless champion of Aurangzeb's interests, making little secret of her hatred for Dara and Jahanara.I pay tribute to the tireless efforts of members of the campaign committee.The prisoners were finally released, thanks to the tireless efforts of their families and friends.Lynch's tireless efforts to help the homeless will not be forgotten.But the rain has no effect on the tireless hostility of local life forms.She has been a tireless peace campaigner for many years.Martin was a very popular teacher and a tireless worker for the school.
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