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to and fro

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishto and froto and fro1 /ˌtuː ən ˈfrəʊ $ -ˈfroʊ/ adverb  DIRECTIONif someone or something moves to and fro, they move in one direction and then back again syn backwards and forwardsto-and-fro adjective
Examples from the Corpus
to and froA monkey ran to and fro.On the first Sunday in May, he attended services at Trinity Church, walking the six blocks to and fro.She smelled the salt, and imagined the dock rocking gently to and fro.The smoke drifted to and fro among us.We all began to rock to and fro and feel more cheerful; all except Wardlaw, that is.Later in the morning the sightseers walk to and fro, gaping at the white luxury yachts.Of course you could also be looking for work at home, where the ability to travel to and fro is immaterial.The title of the abandoned book whose pages still swung to and fro like undulating fronds of seaweed in a dead sea?Police vans drove slowly to and fro, ready to pounce on their prey.
to and froto and fro2 noun [uncountable]  informalBUSY PLACE continuous movement of people or things from place to place toing and froing(1)
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