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to be frank

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishto be frankto be frankspokenHONEST used when you are going to say something that is true, but which other people may not like To be perfectly frank, I think it’s a bad idea. frank
Examples from the Corpus
to be frankBut of course, you aren't out to trap me into matrimony, so it is easier for you to be frank.Vic's not tough enough for this job, to be frank.Woman are more likely to be frank about the primacy of personal relationships.It's easy to be frank and to hell with convention when you're our age.It was nasty, brutish and to be frank frightening as they tried to make sure they won the vote over Maastricht.Well, to be frank, fury.To be frank, I was a bit upset with the way it finished.To be absolutely frank, there is entirely too much speculation about my future with the company.To be frank, there wasn't a shortage ten years ago.
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