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to bits

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishto bitsto bitsBritish English informal very much or extremely Mark’s a darling – I love him to bits.thrilled/chuffed/pleased to bits I’ve always wanted a car, so I’m thrilled to bits. bit
Examples from the Corpus
to bitsWill we drown or be blown to bits?A bus shelter feet away was blown to bits.The facades of neoclassic landmarks were blown to bits during the sectarian fighting.Perhaps it will just crumble to bits.There you will meet a tall, rugged stranger taking his car engine to bits with no hope of reassembling it.Blew about twenty families to bits and sent a shocking number of people scurrying away without their parents or their children.I tore the letter to bits and threw it away.The king surmised the girls were dancing their shoes to bits and put out a general announcement to the kingdom.Wooden bridges and buildings were instantaneously smashed to bits.
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