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to die for

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishto die forto die forinformal extremely nice, attractive, or desirable She had hair to die for. die
Examples from the Corpus
to die forCowboys football changed from something you glanced at between nine-ball shots to something to die for.They had made some good choices with the kitchen decor, and the hardwood flooring was to die for.There is nothing there but death, the chance to die for a land that is not even my own.There are women who have silver hair to die for, great metallic masses of it.And today he revealed that his wife is now prepared to die for her political convictions.His wife Alcestis offered to die for him.People are ready to die for making that change.Are we willing to die for oil?
to-die-forto-ˈdie-for adjective informal  extremely good or desirable – used humorously Betty’s strawberry cheesecake is simply to-die-for.
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