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to extremes

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishto extremesto extremesif someone does something to extremes, they do it to a point beyond what is normal or acceptabletake/carry something to extremes Problems only occur when this attitude is taken to extremes. She had gone to extremes to avoid seeing him. extreme
Examples from the Corpus
to extremesUnder this pressure Drew's disposition alternated to extremes.And for some schools, this may be an interesting option, though if carried to extremes, it has serious limitations.Skating is rife with bias, carrying the inherent subjectivity of judging to extremes.He attacks any type of religious performance which leads to extremes.Here is the stuff of revivalism, holiness movements, tight church membership requirements and, taken to extremes, exclusive cults.Anything can be taken to extremes.Painting in ripstop nylon has been taken to extremes by Tom Casselman.
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