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to go

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishto goto goa) WILLstill remaining before something happens Only ten days to go to Christmas! b) DEAL WITHstill having to be done or dealt with before you have finished Laura’s sat six exams and has two more to go. c) TRAVELstill to travel before you reach the place you are going to only another five miles left to go d) DFCused for saying that you want to take food away from a restaurant and eat it somewhere else Two chicken dinners with corn to go. go
Examples from the Corpus
to goOnly another mile to go!We still have five more miles to go.We've got another couple of hours to go before finishing.We have only two weeks to go before our trip to Hawaii!Evans scored with only two minutes to go in the game.I'll have a burger and fries to go, please.I have ten more pages to go until I'm finished with the book.
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