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to his/her fingertips

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishto his/her fingertipsto his/her fingertipsBritish EnglishVERY in all ways; completely She’s British to her fingertips. fingertip
Examples from the Corpus
to his/her fingertipsA tiny knot of tension throbbed at the back of her neck, running the length of her arms to her fingertips.There was a glorious sunset rush of pure-blooded warmth all over her back and right down to her fingertips.The spark ing leapt to his fingertips, and he was in her trance, his own skin alert to hers.He was a musician to his fingertips and he had a very subtle understanding of the interplay of characters on the stage.A calm emanated from the place, moving down through his torso and out to his fingertips.Though since Cara was a professional to her fingertips she supposed that she would.
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