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to/in my mind

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishto/in my mindto/in my mindused to show you are giving your opinion about something syn in my opinion The Internet, to my mind, represents information exchange at its best. mind
Examples from the Corpus
to/in my mindThey are horribly expensive but to my mind they are the best.But in my mind I suffered.But not quickly enough to my mind.With Amantani fresh in my mind it seemed to me that more than the cattle were tethered here.One boy, , really sticks out in my mind.As I took in the traffic thundering by beneath me and relived in my mind my alarming experience, my trepidation returned.I always had something like this in my mind, that something like that was going to happen.Stark Nude had been an angelic sprite of a girl who in my mind will for ever be 6 and eating jelly beans.
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