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to say nothing of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishto say nothing of somethingto say nothing of somethingMENTIONused to mention another thing involved in what you have just been talking about It wasn’t much for three years’ work, to say nothing of the money it had cost. say
Examples from the Corpus
to say nothing of somethingHe brought to the job a number of attractive qualities, to say nothing of an imposing physical presence.It is not easy, to say nothing of being undignified, to strip off a jumper in front of an audience!It would clearly be far too expensive to repeat every investigation carried out by the police, to say nothing of delays.Getting in would be hazardous; to say nothing of getting out, but it was his only chance.Long-term strategy, and the opportunities of broadcasting, to say nothing of priorities, politics and ethics.He asks her to say nothing of what occurred, agreeing that it must have been Grace Poole whom she heard.A bounced check will cost you $25 or more, to say nothing of your credit rating.
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