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to somebody’s satisfaction

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishto somebody’s satisfactionto somebody’s satisfactionif something is done to someone’s satisfaction, it is done as well or as completely as they want, so they are pleased The question could not be resolved, at least not to my satisfaction. satisfaction
Examples from the Corpus
to somebody’s satisfactionThe climactic rhythm consists in the desire to know and the satisfaction of that desire.He's about as likely to have sympathy for the devil as he is to have satisfaction.It was therefore generous of Émile to gain satisfaction from promoting others to success in the music world.The question could not be resolved, at least not to Brenner's satisfaction.The Algiers agreement failed to work out to the satisfaction of either side.It took me twenty minutes to iron the shirt to my satisfaction.As he adds detail he records it simply to his own satisfaction and in a form adequate to his own purposes.But what specific actions can we take to enhance our satisfaction while at the same time reassuring our new acquaintances?I am writing to express our complete satisfaction with everything that he does.
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