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to the bad

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishto the badto the badBritish English informalBPOOR if you are a particular amount to the bad, you are that much poorer or you owe that much Thanks to your mistake, I’m £500 to the bad! bad
Examples from the Corpus
to the badIf the worst comes to the worst, says the suicide, I can always kill myself.As the fingers tightened he resigned himself to the worst.The majority of eligible voters said they would rather not cast ballots, leading to the worst percentage voter turnout since 1924.A handful of poxy tents sold greasy lentil pilaf to the worst kind of industry lackey.The third set of arguments points to the bad effects of using law on the family.For a moment, I imagined the best possible to the worst possible reply.De Gaulle warned of a return to the bad old days of incoherence and irresponsibility.The agency also recently hosted a meeting of prefectural police to coordinate investigations into crimes tied to the bad loans.
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