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to the full

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishto the fullto the full (also to the fullest American English)COMPLETE in the best or most complete way Ed believes in living life to the full. full
Examples from the Corpus
to the fullEating sensibly is vitally important for health, and good health will help you enjoy life to the full.My father Arthur was secretary of the Southern Division for a number of years and is still enjoying life to the full.There was no danger now, he could enjoy it to the full.We believe in providing people with the opportunity to utilise their talents to the full.So, use it to the full and explore all those spots you could never reach from the bank.Money was needed to build the factories and provide the machinery to exploit these resources to the fullest extent.At any stage of life, to live every day to the full is a recipe for happiness.An additional 35 million read only at a level which is less than equal to the full survival needs of our society.
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