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to the (greater) glory of somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishto the (greater) glory of somebody/somethingto the (greater) glory of somebody/somethingformalPRAISE in order to increase the honour that is given to someone or something The cathedral was built to the greater glory of God. glory
Examples from the Corpus
to the (greater) glory of somebody/somethingBut to be perfectly frank, Stevens, I wasn't paying much attention to the glories of nature.In its place, they were erecting a flamboyant, terracotta cathedral to the glory of the Prudential Insurance company.The exterior of Byzantine churches is plain and simple; its appearance is ceded to the glory of the interior.Bach composed to the greater glory of God.Six miles further is Lake Trasimeno, gateway to the glories of Umbria.
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