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to the hilt

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishto the hiltto the hiltCOMPLETEcompletelysupport/defend/back somebody to the hilt I’m backing the PM to the hilt on this. hilt
Examples from the Corpus
to the hiltHolmgren played bad cop to the hilt.And so I divvied up the company into manageable pieces and told these executives to go play the game to the hilt.Any man worthy of the name must seize his opportunity when it came and exploit it to the hilt.But the house was mortgaged to the hilt and bills were never paid.Government finances are strained to the hilt dealing with essential services.I take up points of view I don't actually support strongly and start defending them to the hilt.They insure up to the hilt, yet worries about money, health and security suffuse daily life.
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