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to the last

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishto the lastto the lastformalEND until the end of an event or the end of someone’s life He died in 1987, insisting to the last he was innocent. last
Examples from the Corpus
to the lastHe groped his way back to the last junction and limped in the other direction.On the other were tenants clinging desperately to the last vestige of their community.It would be completely furnished, down to the last teaspoon.The lumbering Swordfish, caught from above, were shot down to the last plane in one swift attack.She tells Mitchum that they belong to each other, and he, fatalistic to the last, appears to go along.Brown died in 1987, insisting to the last he was innocent.Everything was planned and stage-managed to the last detail.Please don't leave them to the last minute.Pro: Outlines can cut your writing time by helping you organize your thoughts to the last detail.
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