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to the point

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishto the pointto the pointdealing only with the important subject or idea, and not including any unnecessary discussions Her comments were brief and to the point. point
Examples from the Corpus
to the pointThe chairman's speech was short and to the point.And despite the censorship, some letters were bold to the point of foolhardy.But any bill that gets signed by President Clinton will probably be watered down to the point that it is meaningless.Both of them noticed with shock how alarmingly thin she was, frail to the point of vanishing.Frankly, dear readers, I was getting bored waiting for the graphs to get to the point of maximum excitement.It got to the point that some of the burgers were served straight from the freezer, raw!And more to the point, why should they be enforced?More to the point, his diaries took a little longer to come out - 122 years after his death.Korean newspapers only have four pages, so stories have to be very much to the point.
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