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to this/that/the effect

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishto this/that/the effectto this/that/the effectMEANINGused when you are giving the general meaning of something, rather than the exact words Jim told me to go away, or words to that effect. The letter said something to the effect that she was no longer needed. effect
Examples from the Corpus
to this/that/the effectWe were ourselves considering whether we should introduce a Government Bill to this effect.The other factor which contributed to this effect was his decision to become a broadcaster.It is a person's or animal's contribution to the effect.She made a note to that effect.A proposal to this effect follows in Section 3.This is because thick lithosphere will tend to be more resistant to the effects of heat conduction and penetrative magmatism.I made a little speech to the effect that we are overjoyed to be in Sydney.Does his eagerness amount to setting up a trust to that effect?
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