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toadstooltoad‧stool /ˈtəʊdstuːl $ ˈtoʊd-/ noun [countable]  HBPa wild plant like a mushroom, that can be poisonous
Examples from the Corpus
toadstoolWhat mechanism allows toadstools -- essentially very soft and squashy items -- to push through two inches of asphalt?The warmth and mildness has brought a fine crop of toadstools.The whole effect grotesquely resembled a giant mushroom or toadstool.All the magic of scholars can not turn this sacred toadstool into a real living Holy City.It was not yet dusk, but the drive up to Kevin's mock Tudor house was lined with lit-up toadstools.It was for children, rabbits having a picnic in a wood with toadstools, birds.She led her up a stone staircase into a small room where Brownies were sitting on wooden toadstools.
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