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toe the line

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtoe the linetoe the lineOBEYto do what other people in a job or organization say you should do, whether you agree with them or not You toe the line or you don’t stay on the team! toe
Examples from the Corpus
toe the lineYou are put in a slot and expected to toe the line.They didn't agree, but as government employees they had to toe the line.And yet de Gaulle himself was remarkably confident that the army would toe the line.It's only fair that if growers are doing their bit, other potential polluters must also toe the line.They were no longer the oppressed, wretched teen menials who must take orders, toe the line.Gail realized that she had to toe the line if she wanted to keep her job.Catholic politicians have been pressured to toe the line on issues such as abortion.They certainly choose their abuse soas to indicate to those who do toe the line that they have lost it.He could be expected, then, to toe the line when it came to military versus civilian decisions.Journalists who refuse to toe the line will have to be sacked.
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