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togato‧ga /ˈtəʊɡə $ ˈtoʊ-/ noun [countable]  DCCa long loose piece of clothing worn by people in ancient Rome
Examples from the Corpus
togaIn contrast only one surviving statue of Hadrian shows him dressed in a toga.On the coin the emperor is shown wearing a toga and seated on a chair, receiving the laurel branches of victory.The sight of Bobbie Fieldfare, in toga and laurel wreath as one of the assassins, had been too much.I can see it now: In toga and laurel wreath, Big Al will give the thumbs up or thumbs down.I expect you get fed up of wearing that boring old toga with the purple stripe round it.As the toga increased in social importance it also gained in size, though it clearly remained a difficult garment to wear.Often the toga was drawn over his head to make a veil, worn at the performance of religious rites.Their carved costumes varied: uniforms, togas, robes.
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