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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtogetherto‧geth‧er1 /təˈɡeðə $ -ər/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 with each otherTOGETHER if two or more people do something together, they do it with each other opp alone, separately We’ve very much enjoyed working together. They’ve decided to spend more time together. He and my father were at school together. Together they went back inside the villa.2 make one thingTOGETHER if you put two or more things together, you join them so that they touch or form one whole thing or group opp apart He’d tried to glue the broken pieces together. Mix the butter and sugar together. She clasped her hands together. He took the engine apart and then put it back together again. The model was held together with string.3 be a couple if two people are together, they are married, or are having a romantic or sexual relationship Mark and I have been together eight years now. Are those two together? A lot of people live together before getting married. Sometimes I don’t know what keeps us together.4 in one placeTOGETHER if you keep, collect etc things together, you keep or collect them all in one place She keeps all the important documents together in one file. Embarrassed, she gathered her things together and left. Goods of a similar kind should be stored together.5 close/packed/crowded etc together6 against each otherTOUCH if you rub or hit things together, you rub or hit them against each other Max was rubbing his hands together with glee. Knock the brushes together to clean them.
7 in agreementTOGETHER if people are together, come together etc, they are or become united, especially in order to try and achieve something Together we can win. The Conference called on all good men to come together to resist socialism. He said that the main purpose of the Baha'i faith was to bring people together.8 at the same timeTIME/AT THE SAME TIME at the same time Both letters should have arrived. I mailed them together. ‘Oh!’ they said together.all together (now) (=used to tell a group of people to all say or do something at the same time) Right men. All together now ... push!9 combine amounts when two amounts or quantities are added together, they are combined Add these numbers together and then divide the total by 7. Together they won only 21% of the votes. The table and chairs are together worth about £200.10 together with something/somebody bring together at bring, → get together at get, → get your act together at act1(4), → hold together at hold1, → piece something together at piece2, → pull together at pull1
Examples from the Corpus
togetherEach year the whole family spends Christmas together.The Baltimore and Boston trains came in together.There's no point in taking two cars - let's go together.Three runners crossed the line together.When you're slowing down, use the gears and the brakes together.Floggings went on anywhere or at any time during the Babel of different and vocal classes in session together.Members aged from five to fifty meet up to three times a week to practise their judo moves together.They were in their early twenties, were quietly efficient and worked well together.Those who feel threatened band together.Without these codes, the two columns run together.I glued the vase back together.I mailed both packages together.It rained for four days together.Nicola and I were at school together.We put together a team, leave a dim trail.They lived together during college.The two leaders chatted together for fifty-four minutes.The shampoo and conditioner should be used together for the best possible result.The Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary branches together make up the US government.I hope both countries can come together on this issue.We'd better stay together, or we might get lost.He folded together the last of the computer printouts and slipped them into a ziploc file bag.Taken together, these measures should ensure a rapid return to financial stability.Now add the numbers together to get the subtotal.The police and army worked together to track down the terrorists.They banged their heads together trying to catch the ball.For years, these people who are now at war lived together very peacefully.working togetherI am trying to teach the power of people working together.So get your roles clear before you begin working together.We have been working together for the past three days.Generally small groups of children working together stimulate each other.Through working together the schools are able to buy in expertise and share the costs of producing high quality materials.The houses give teachers a natural avenue for working together to design lessons.It is you and me working together to get both of our needs met.Which came first is anybody's guess, but the two are now working together to make the patient even more ill.back togetherHe insisted that the sides get back together.Older and wiser, Fleetwood is delighted the band he loves so much is back together.By their third lesson he could strip the barrel and put the pieces back together again faster than the instructor.But now that confronting Enron has captured the necessary headlines, the deal is quietly being put back together again.It is our duty as human beings: to put the egg back together again.Most were quickly put back together and joined the airshow circuit.Are you back together with her?live togetherWe just can not live together.She and my father were no longer living together, although they still worked side by side each day in the bakery.This was when the need to live together came not from the older generation, but from the child's own family.Anna taught her and made her her own maid and they lived together ever after.Extended families seldom live together in Britain, but the interaction between members of the extended family is likely to be important.Rhoda and Ralph had lived together in Eufaula, Alabama, where they had run a boardinghouse.Four are living together in one foster home and are expected to be adopted by that family.come togetherThe two key preoccupations of the coming years came together.Women from the different organizations have been able to come together and agree on certain basic principles about what they, as women, are fighting for.Seminars provide an opportunity for students to come together and discuss a particular topic.Of course they will come together and discuss the matter.These, as he entered the headship, were coming together as a mixed voluntary-aided comprehensive high school.They finally come together at the lowest level of their relationship.People came together from all over the country to attend the funeral.A stern voice spoke of the significance of this moment, the victorious Allied forces coming together in Berlin.My whole game came together, putting included.And along the crooked border where the landmasses once came together, the researchers made an extraordinary discovery.That is when delegates elected from each of the states must come together to choose a presidential ticket.The Conference called on everyone to come together to resist the government's planned educational reforms.all together (now)The truly rich can afford the tax advice and the expendable cash flow to avoid paying cap gains taxes all together.They had dropped out of the human chain of ancestors and descendants that had formerly bound them all together.Things waited till your defences were down, and then turned on you, all together.Whatever it was, we never put it all together.Just to be using brain and muscles and feelings all together at once, and not failing.And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.The first day we were all together it was like it never ended.Mix it all together with a spoon.
togethertogether2 adjective spoken  ORGANIZEsomeone who is together is confident, thinks clearly, and does things in a sensible organized way – used to show approval Jane is such a together person.
Examples from the Corpus
togetherRosie's a really together person - she'll be great as the coordinator.You'll have to be a bit more together when you have kids.
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