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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtoleranttol‧e‧rant /ˈtɒlərənt $ ˈtɑː-/ ●●○ adjective  1 STRICT#allowing people to do, say, or believe what they want without criticizing or punishing them opp intoleranttoleratetolerant of/towards Luckily, my parents were tolerant of my choice of music. a tolerant society2 plants that are tolerant of particular weather or soil conditions can exist in those conditionstolerant of trees that are tolerant of salt sea winds
Examples from the Corpus
tolerantMany of these plants are drought tolerant.And beyond these individuals, it raises the possibility of a Republican Party, tolerant and moderate, for the modern age.I've tried to adopt a fairly tolerant attitude towards his behaviour.a tolerant communityThe club men were less tolerant of his painting.She's not very tolerant of other people's failings.As his namesake he is tolerant, prudent and generous.Mansfield rightly concludes that most Arabs would like to live in a more tolerant society under efficient modern governments.Flood tolerant species of willow and alder on the reservoir margins carry the tree cover down into the water.We are more tolerant these days.You should try to be more tolerant towards other people.tolerant of/towardsThey were also more tolerant of ambiguity and contradiction.I think in the old days people were more tolerant towards each other.They are not as politically active as their better-educated sisters and they tend to be less tolerant of lifestyles not their own.We have become far too tolerant of media concentration and gigantism.It is tolerant of most water conditions, although very hard water may result in the fish's eyes becoming cloudy.From the wide experience, we can say that the committees of the Engineering Board are generally more tolerant of new ideas.But this year the organization appears more tolerant of such dissent.They were relieved to find the superiors were more tolerant of their questions and mistakes than anticipated.tolerant ofOfficers will be tolerant of peaceful demonstrations.
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