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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtomboytom‧boy /ˈtɒmbɔɪ $ ˈtɑːm-/ noun [countable]  WOMANa girl who likes playing the same games as boys
Examples from the Corpus
tomboyIn fact, as a tomboy, I had every intention of following in her footsteps.Terry and Stephen were not complex characters, but Eileen, always simply considered a tomboy, was sensitive and vulnerable.Kylie was to audition for the role of a tomboy mechanic called Charlene Mitchell, in a new soap called Neighbours.My teenage behavior was a carryover from my earlier tomboy identity.Thus began my transformation from tomboy to stereotypically feminine woman.She was a joking, teasing tomboy.Anton remembered a girl, a terrible tomboy.Jenny, the tomboy, still felt awkward wearing a dress, and so she wore jodhpurs most of the time.
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