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tombstonetomb‧stone /ˈtuːmstəʊn $ -stoʊn/ noun [countable]  MXa stone that is put on a grave and shows the dead person’s name, dates of birth and death etc syn gravestone
Examples from the Corpus
tombstoneShe might have been reading from a tombstone.The churchyard yews cast long sinister shadows over the drunken tombstones.When you go to the cemetery next, you can see his tombstone just down from my own.A forest of tombstones covers its hills and dales.In earlier times carved or painted tombstones had occasionally been used.Christabel's tombstone leaned over at a slight angle.His name is misspelled on the tombstone.
TombstoneTombstone  a city in Arizona in the US, where the gunfight at the ok corral took placeFrom Longman Business Dictionarytombstonetomb‧stone /ˈtuːmstəʊn-stoʊn/ noun [countable] informalFINANCEMARKETING an advertisement in a newspaper that lists the banks that are taking part in a share or bond ISSUEThe company reserves the right to publish a tombstone recording the completed transaction.
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