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tongstongs /tɒŋz $ tɑːŋz, tɒːŋz/ noun [plural]  tongs.jpg TZa tool that you use to lift up small objects. It has two bars joined at one end, that you press together to lift objects.
Examples from the Corpus
tongsUsing a wide spatula and tongs, turn cake carefully.I was dressed and out of the house in ten long minutes with gas-fuelled hair tongs in my hand.All you need is a pair of hot tongs.The men steadying it took fright, threw down their long tongs, and fled.Then you can either blow dry or use heated rollers or tongs.Place the exposed board into the tray of developer using plastic tweezers or tongs and agitate the board gently.Use tongs instead of a fork.Remove the lamb shanks with tongs, and when cool enough to handle, remove and shred the meat.
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