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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtongue-tiedˈtongue-tied adjective  EMBARRASSEDunable to talk in a relaxed way because you feel nervous or embarrassed When adults spoke to her, she became tongue-tied and shy.
Examples from the Corpus
tongue-tiedWhatever he might fling at her this time, she would not sit bowed and tongue-tied.I had tried since, alone and with others, and I'd been tongue-tied.She reeled off my 752 failings, whereas I was tongue-tied.The boy was quieter than his sister, and gave tongue-tied answers.Both of them were easy victims: where she was slow and tongue-tied, he was short and physically weedy.He often sounds tongue-tied in interviews.Outside the courtroom, Kevin is a tongue-tied lunkhead.Nervousness affects people in different ways. While some people become tongue-tied, others cannot stop talking.She went to Druid's Bottom but she felt tongue-tied there.Benny stumbled from time to time, and became tongue-tied when she looked at the handsome boy sitting beside them.She became tongue-tied when she looked at the handsome man sitting beside her.
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