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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtootoo /tuː/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 [+adj/adverb]TOO/TOO MUCH more than is acceptable or possible Do you think the music’s too loud? You’ve put too much salt in the soup. There are too many cars on the road.much/far too Amanda is far too young to get married.too ... for something/somebody I was getting too old for romantic relationships. My boots were three sizes too big for me.too ... to do something He was too ill to travel.too ... for somebody to do something The box was too heavy for me to lift.GrammarWord orderThe correct word order is too + adjective + a + noun: It is too high a price to pay.It’s too big a risk. Don’t say: It is a too high price to pay. | It’s a too big risk. ComparisontooYou use too before an adjective. You say: The house is too expensive.too muchYou use too much before a noun. You say: The house costs too much money.Don’t use too much before an adjective. Don’t say: The house is too much expensive.2 AND/ALSOalso There were people from all over Europe, and America too. Can I come too? ‘I’m feeling hungry.’ ‘Me too.’ It’s a more efficient system and it’s cheaper too.GRAMMAR: Word orderToo is usually used at the end of a sentence or clause: He was a teacher too. In more formal English, too is also used near the beginning of a sentence, after the subject, or after an adverb or phrase: We too must play our part.Here, too, there are problems with the economy. 3 [+adj/adverb] spoken used with a negative to mean ‘not very’ She doesn’t seem too upset about it. ‘What was the weather like?’ ‘Oh, not too bad.’ She was none too pleased (=not at all pleased) when I told her.4 all too/only too5 TOO/TOO MUCHused to emphasize a remark that you are adding ‘He’s been banned from driving.’ ‘A good thing too!’ ‘A woman farmer?’ asked Gabriel. ‘Yes, and a rich one too.’6 I am/he is/you are etc too!7 be too much for somebody8 [+adj/adverb] spoken formal very Thank you. You are too kind.
9 be only too glad/pleased to do something10 too little, too late
Examples from the Corpus
too"Seth finally got a job." "It's about time too."It's fast and comfortable. It's economical, too.Thursday is Vivian's birthday too.President Clinton likes it, too.Gary and Martha and the kids are coming to visit. They're bringing grandmother, too.I love you, too.The temperature was well below zero - much too cold to spend more than a few minutes on deck.It's too early to go to dinner now.$200! That's way too expensive.Don't work too hard!It's too hot in here.Think about what you owe, too, in terms of mortgages, credit cards, loans or hire purchase.It won't be too long before dinnertime.Other kids complained it tasted great at first, but the aftertaste lingered too long.But we had an untrained and undisciplined group, with too many leaders, and things started to break down.I wasn't able to get too much sleep last night.My room's too narrow for a king-size bed.They didn't give him the job. They said he was too old.Military officials believed that the harbor was too shallow for torpedo launches.I was too tired to get up off the couch.She's still too upset to talk about it.Tamar's description, to him and Elizabeth, had been too vivid for him ever to confuse it.Adam struggled, but he was too weak and the storm-troopers tore his trousers off, leaving him stark naked.much/far tooHere were depths that Gordon could not easily contend with, and he was much too honest to minimize them.It is far too large for one person these days.Or at least not note those betraying absences until far too late.Walking: There are far too many paths for anyone to explore them in one holiday.Of course, at twenty-five, I was far too old to be married!But Kyle was much too smart to let it be easy!We did too much too soon.It is far too wordy and vague, but here is my summary, for what it is worth.none tooAnd she was none too anxious to hear about the show.Twenty years ago the treasurer's job was simple and none too arduous.That a young boy of none too comfortable means would be impressed by all this worldly expertise is not difficult to imagine.She saw the stragglers gather, none too enthusiastically, but not unwillingly, either, and waited for the last-comers.His spiritual advisers were none too happy with his reliance on pagan practices, nor probably was his court favourite Buckingham.In consequence, the level of the Party's blood sugar was low; their expectations none too high.If the result is none too pleasant, it's time to do something about it.Flavia, none too practised herself, managed to get the number.
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