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too bad

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtoo badtoo badspoken a) DON'T CAREused to say that you do not care that something bad happens to someone ‘I’m going to be late now!’ ‘Too bad – you should have gotten up earlier.’ b) PITY/IT'S A PITYused to say that you are sorry that something bad has happened to someone It’s too bad that you couldn’t come to the party last night. bad
Examples from the Corpus
too badThe weather was not too bad.But, as he admits, he's not doing too bad.If any of the contenders have not got their act together by then, then it is simply too bad.All this would not have been too bad but for the fact that our rope was going rotten at an alarming pace.Too bad Dickie isn't here to enjoy the fun.Life in the slammer wasn't too bad for Bob Mitchum."I've got plans this evening." "Too bad, I need you to stay till you've finished the report.""Senator Volk's out of town.'' "Too bad! I wanted to meet him and talk about the campaign.''It's too bad of you.It's too bad she had to give up teaching when she got sick.It's too bad you have to leave, just when we need you most.
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